Web design and Hosting

We bring together unique design with the latest technology. We care that our service is the highest level, as well as visually and technologically. We have a wide range of services, from HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, to continue with programming languages like PHP, ASP, using almost all types of databases like MySQL, MSSQL,etc. We consider the world in move, so our mobile services are part of our range. From optimization of your web page or application for mobile device to create applications for them. So what you need for the online world is what we have

Corporate Identity

An effective identity is an integral element of the marketing strategy in every company. A powerful brand must tell the volume of the company or its product at the first sight. While nowadays clients are bombed from the daily visual iconography, the need for an unforgettable identity is bigger than ever. Our staff possesses the experience and creativity to offer the creative solution, with high influence, identity that leaves a stable impression. Our staff has a unique blend of creativity and marketing expertise to create corporate ID that accompany the purposes of our clients and the message that stay strong apart from the competition.


Most of the projects need effective promotion in order to achieve success after placing them in the actual media. Our way of promotion makes it more innovative aiming that our solutions make the target public more attracted, in order to be closer to your product. Not always the esthetic side is enough. We have experience, ability and knowledge to give the message of our client to the target public quickly and effectively. Our staff is expert in marketing to apply creative and successful initiative, which are needed to maximize the exposure, effectivity and success level.

IT Solutions

In Joint Dots we have a team build solution with the client as our priority working technology is the useful on and we do our best to make sure it does work, some of our services in this area are security counseling, network design and implementation, server installation and setup, E mail server configuration, Data backup, routine maintenance, computer repairs.

Creative Design

Our purpose is simple: to find a solution, in order to represent our clients better than the competition and to astonish them with our creative ideas. Design is our passion, our way of expressing and our mean to communicate our vision.

Video Production

We guaranted a thorough process of the visual production, uses the most advanced technology, including the shooting set, montage, inal mixing to serve to every client’s requirement. NM offers even the service of the adaption of the commercials with a high video and audio quality, a perfect adaption.